2020 First Day Hike


The First Day Hike held on January 1, 2020 was a special event that got the New Year started on the right foot. On this clear and unseasonably warm day 145 adults and children from the region gathered at

Falls of the Ohio State Park interpretive center to participate in what has become a tradition at Indiana’s state parks and state park systems across the country. Interpretive Naturalist Alan Goldstein and Assistant Property Manager Dale Brown greeted the crowd and set the stage for two adventurous hikes. Alan led half the hikers past the Lewis & Clark expedition commemorative statue and to the massive Tainter flood gates that controls water flow over the ancient fossil beds. Dale led the other group down the long steps to the fossil beds. While the fossil beds were covered with water from recent heavy rains, hikers could imagine the exposed fossil beds and their historical geologic formation.


What made this First Day Hike really special is that the two hike leaders have a gift for telling the informative, inspirational and amazing story of Falls of the Ohio. I was struck by not only the number of people who gathered for this First Day Hike, but the number of hikers enjoying their first visit to the Falls of the Ohio. They were inspired and amazed by this wonderful natural, cultural and historical resource. They will be back, and they could certainly become members and supporters of Falls of the Ohio Foundation. While have visited the Falls of the Ohio many times, I always learn something new. And I am always inspired and amazed. We are off to a good start in 2020.

Mark Young

Falls of the Ohio Board of Directors