Our People

Our People

Kenton Wooden, Executive Director
Candace Hilderbrand, Office and Programs Associate

2024 Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversees the strategic plan and operating objectives of the Foundation – ensuring our resources are used to effectively accomplish our vision and mission.

Ray Lucas | President
Ann Wood | Vice President
Bill Reedy | Secretary
Phillip Beaman | Treasurer
Aaron Tolliver | Imm. Past President
Kendall Boyd
Katherine Bulinski
Shane Calkin
Kent Cissell
Dylan Fisher
Tim Huber
Jessica Kane
Michelle Konkle
Kim Martin-Dawkins
Samantha McRae
Jake Shapley, ex-officio
Nicole Yates

Community Leadership Council

The Falls of the Ohio Foundation Leadership Council is a group of local community and business leaders who have a heart for the beauty and historical value of the Falls of the Ohio area. This group of business and civic leaders meets three times per year and provides support and guidance to the Foundation. If you would like to serve on this council to discuss the work of the Falls of the Ohio Foundation, strategic plans, future endeavors and upcoming offerings, please email Candace Hilderbrand.

Bobby Bass
Tina Bennett
Jessica Bergman
BJ Nelson-Lynton
Cile Blau
Lisa Bottorff
Ed Clere
Cory Cochran
Aimee Conrad-Hill
Wendy Dant-Chesser
Kofi Darku
Kerry DeMuth
Emily Dippie
Mark Eddy
Jim Epperson
Dallas Evans
Roger Fisher
Eric Goodman
Nicolaus Gordon
Ronald Grooms
Pat Harrison
Phil Hendershot
Allen Howie
Devin Jenkins
Caitlin Kidd
Sarah Kerrick
Amy Letke
Sandy Lewis
David Lewis
Lynn Lewis
Jason Lopp
Matthew Lorch
Cailen Medcraft
Samantha McRae
Daniel Phelps
Barbara Popp
Jon Reiter
Clayton Rose
Aaron Scott
Ozair Shariff
Rita Shourds
Jefferson Shreve
Steve Stemler
Kerry Stemler
C. Michael Stewart
Vic Unruh
Paul Wheatley
David Wicks