Volunteer Hall of Fame

2021 Volunteer of the Year: Jane Archer

Jane reached what we used to call, “level 3” – now the innovator level. She has diverse interests, covering science and history. She’s worked with school groups, at special events, at the Clark home site, and developed the Lewis and Clark Junior Ranger Program, perhaps the most successful along the National Historic Trail.

Congratulations and Appreciation to:

Bob Thesier received the Richard Lyon’s First-Year Volunteer Award
Jim Mead received the 2022 Innovative Program Award
Colleen & Tom Becker won the Karen Maag Hospitality Award

Previous Volunteers of the Year

  • 2021 – Laura Swessel
  • 2020 – Diane Esrey
  • 2019 – Stan Dunn
  • 2018 – Carol Woodling