Professional Development Opportunities

Geology & Paleontology

The Waldron Shale Project

Free PD at Bellarmine University, June 22. 2022

We are looking for 20 upper elementary through high school educators teaching about fossils and/or life sciences who are interested in incorporating this “citizen science” project for multiple years.

If you would like to attend, contact Alan Goldstein park@fallsoftheohio.org or 812-280-9970 ext. 403

The Falls is a partner with Bellarmine University and Irving Materials, Inc. (IMI) to improve science literacy with a citizen science project that will enable students (grade 4 and up) to participate in a scientific investigation of the fossils of the Waldron Shale. No research has been done in the Clark County, Indiana deposits, first exposed in limestone quarries in 1994.


Bring Our Professional Development to Your School

For a nominal fee of $40 per half-day (up to 20 educators) we will introduce you to resources to help improve your classroom environment. This includes interactive lessons, how to increase your classroom collections at minimal cost, using Falls of the Ohio ‘Museum to Go’ kits, loaner exhibits, and ways to liven up the curriculum.

We are also available for problem solving and to discuss more effective ways to excite students (and perhaps yourself) about earth science.

Topics for Professional Development

Interpreting Fossils (K-12) – Activities and ideas that will able you to use fossils more effectively in the curriculum.

Dinosaurs as an educational tool (Gr. 2 – 5) – Kids love dinosaurs and dinosaurs are an excellent way to introduce many scientific concepts.

Understand Geologic Time (Gr. 4 – 12) – A difficult concept for most people, this PD will explore ways of making geological time more understandable through hands-on activities.

Evolution (Gr. 4 – 12) – Through discussion and hands-on activities, we explore evidence of evolution and how it can be introduced in the classroom.

Careers in Geoscience (Gr. 4 – 12) – Explores the diversity of careers and the knowledge students need to go to college.

Collecting Fossils (K-12) – A mini-version of Field Paleontology Institute – we go out and collect fossils for your school’s collections.

Developing a school (classroom) museum (K-12)

Museums are great places for non-formal education and real-world applications for science and social studies. Any educator or school can create a museum, and in the process incorporate lessons that apply across the curriculum.

Fees are based on working with schools in the seven county metro area: IN – Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott; KY – Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Shelby, Hardin.

Please contact  Alan Goldstein at (812) 280-9970 x403 or park@fallsoftheohio.org.

Probing the Wonders of the Falls is a multidisciplinary workshop that is scheduled through the Falls of the Ohio Foundation and the contact information is with the description.