The Falls of the Ohio State Park has a rich history as a popular bird watching destination. John James Audubon frequented the Falls of the Ohio between 1808 – 1810, making numerous sketches (most were lost in his Henderson studio fire in 1818). In 1995 the library of Leonard C. Brecher, a long-time birder from Louisville was donated to the Falls of the Ohio State Park. The Falls of the Ohio was one of his favorite birding sites from the 1930s – 1970s. In recent years, members of the Beckham Bird Club have assisted in compiling the Bird Checklist for the Falls of the Ohio.

It is a rare day that you don’t see someone with binoculars or a spotting scope enjoying the many bird species that are attracted to this unique water resource. Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are two popular birds for beginners, while experienced birders look for scoters, rare gulls and terns, as well as shorebirds.