Family Paleontology Camp Itinerary- 2020

Program Objectives:  Participants will learn about paleontology and what a real paleontologist does to dig up earth’s past through hands-on exploration.

Schedule of Activities (approximate and subject to change):

Day 1: Tuesday, July 14
9:00 am Introduction, let’s get to know each other!
(Each participant will share a story about his/her interest in fossils.)

9:15 am Introduction to using a Field Note Book

9:30 am What do you know about fossil hunters?
(Each participant will tell what he/she thinks a paleontologist does.)

9:45 am The life of a paleontologist
(What do paleontologists really do as a career?)

10:00 am Geological Time

10:50 am Break

11:00 am Explore the fossil beds

12:00 pm Lunch break / Fossil drawings in your Field Note Book

12:45 pm Preserving and long-term storage of fossils for research & exhibition

1:00 pm How are fossils preserved?

2:00 pm Drawing fossils, looking for important details

3:00 pm Break

3:10 pm Tools of the paleontologist
(We will look at various tools used by paleontologists, including: rock hammers & chisels, magnifying glass, microscope, books, dental pick, wrapping materials, etc.)

3:40 pm Safety issues for paleontologists – young and old!

4:00 pm Session ends

Day 2: Wednesday July 15
If weather is unseasonably hot we will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual – 8:30 am.

9:00 am Leave (car pool) Collecting Trip:  Waldron Shale in Sellersburg

9:20 am Arrive at site / collect / make notes & sketches in your Field Note Book

11:00ish am Lunch in Sellersburg

11:30 am Return to the park; cleaning your fossils

12:00 pm Identifying fossils / Creating Fossil Labels

1:30 pm The Rock Cycle

2:00 pm Investigating fossils – pick out a fossil and use resources to label as many parts as possible

2:30 pm Break

2:45 pm Fossil Food Web

4:30 pm Session ends

Day 3: Thursday July 16
If weather is unseasonably hot we will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual – 8:30 am.

8:30 am Collecting trip to Taylorsville, KY to investigate Ordovician fossils (3 stops)

11:45 am Lunch at restaurant row, Blankenbaker Parkway @ I-64

12:30 pm Return to park, sorting your fossils

12:45 pm Identifying fossils / Creating Fossil Labels

2:00 pm Re-living the past using fossils – investigating your Ordovician fossils / slabs (Paleo-ecology: How it works)

2:45 pm Devonian ecology lab

3:45 pm Wrap up, evaluation and discussion

4:00 pm Camp concludes

Link to photo album on Facebook (with captioned photos)

How to Register

Sponsored by The Falls of the Ohio Foundation, to register, e-mail candace.hilderbrand@fallsoftheohio.org or call (812) 283-4999.