Current Ohio River Conditions

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Click here for the current forecast for the Ohio River at McAlpine Lower Gauge.

Flood Stage = 55′
Low Stage = 9′

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service site provides general information regarding national water levels.

Falls of the Ohio River Level Chart

This chart is designed to correlate the river level associated with the fossil beds with sea level elevations, Interpretive Center landmarks and George Rogers Clark home site landmarks. Photos of the river at different levels can be accessed with the highlighted links below.

Lower Gauge*


Feet Above

Sea Level

Interpretive Center


George Rogers Clark Home Site


89 Ft.
464 Ft.
Top of Levee
86 Ft.
Crest of 1937 flood
75.5 Ft.
450.5 Ft.
Top of observation deck
75 Ft.
450 Ft.
Bottom of levee
Top of upper terrace
70 Ft.
445 Ft.
Riverside Drive
1997 Flood
68 Ft.
443 Ft.
Top of bluff
67.13 ft 2/26/18
65 Ft.
440 Ft.
Ten year flood level
Picnic shelter
60 Ft.
435 Ft.
Harrison Avenue
57 Ft.
432 Ft.
Parking lot
55 Ft.
430 Ft.
Flood Stage
Top of river embankment
50 Ft.
425 Ft.
Top of dam wall
420 Ft.
Normal Upper Pool
415 Ft.
Bottom of bluff
410 Ft.
Top of Bryozoan – Brachiopod zone
407 Ft.
Bottom of boat ramp
401 Ft.
Top of B. gregarius zone
399 Ft.
Amphipora zone
Top of Goose Island dike
395 Ft.
“Caves” exposed
392 Ft.
Top of Coral zone
388.5 Ft.
Lower bed dry
385 Ft.
Top of Louisville Limestone exposed
8 Ft.
383 Ft.
Bottom of boat ramp

Coral zone, Amphipora zone, Brevispirifer gregarius zone, and Bryozoan – Brachiopod zone are part of the Middle Devonian, Jeffersonville Limestone at the Falls of the Ohio. The age of the rock is approximately 391 – 389 million years ago.

Louisville Limestone is “Middle” Silurian age, 35 million years older than the Devonian rock at the Falls of the Ohio.

* 0 Feet on the Lower Gauge is an arbitrary number.