Annual Campaign

Donate to the Annual Fund
Your involvement in the Falls of the Ohio has helped students, of all ages and from all walks of life, learn about the ancient secrets revealed at the Falls, where so many diverse aspects of natural and human history blend together.  History is revealed in the 390 million year old fossil bed known  as the largest exposed accessible Devonian Fossil Bed in the world.  Your support has helped us share the wonders of the Falls and we thank you.


The Falls of the Ohio State Park is your one-of-a-kind urban park, nestled in the midst of more than 1.2 million people.  The Park and Foundation exist to serve you and your loved ones through programming, outdoor resources, and as a place to relax, enjoy, and bask in glorious sunsets.


We know that you understand the value of the state park’s interpretive center and its outdoor assets.  The result of charitable donations received through our Annual Fund from friends such as you are extremely important.  It offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities at the Falls.


During this time of year end giving, we ask that you donate to our Annual Fund and help support:

  • Programs such as the Family Nature Club and Family Paleontology Camp.
  • Ongoing support that tells the Falls story, and gives visitor and educator information.
  • Free or discounted school field trips for students in need and schools with tight budgets.
  • Technology in the Interpretive Center’s  classroom and improvements to the River Room.

Please give to the 2020 Annual Fund.  Donate on line here.  On behalf of your Falls of the Ohio Foundation and State Park, we appreciate the difference you make.


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