Reimagining the Ohio River: The Ohio River Way!

The Ohio River Way is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created in 2020 as the Ohio River Recreational Trail. The initial goal was to designate the 275 mile stretch of the Ohio River between Portsmouth, OH and Westport, KY as a national water trail. The trail would attract paddlers – kayaks and canoes as well as motorized watercraft to safely travel near the shoreline. The Ohio River Recreational Trail would also include interconnected land-based trails – for cyclists and walkers – that follow the Ohio River.

In 2022 Ohio River Recreational Trail organizers envisioned a much larger and more inclusive project than a water and land-based trail system. The Ohio River Recreational Trail was renamed and rebranded as the Ohio River Way. The Ohio River Way coalition is mobilizing small river communities like Maysville, KY and Clarksville, IN and major cities like Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY, and connecting their natural, cultural, historical and recreational resources to the Ohio River. The Ohio River Way is not just a trail, rather it’s a wonderful experience and an emerging national tourist destination. Falls of the Ohio is an integral part of the Ohio River Way, and all of the parks and cultural/historical resources within are vital stakeholders.

The digital version of the Guide to the Ohio River Way is an invitation to explore and discover the amenities this great river – parks, biking/walking trails, campgrounds, kayak/canoe launching facilities, marinas, boat ramps, historical sites, museums and the restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues that these picturesque river communities have to offer. You can take an interactive virtual tour of the Ohio River Way online at www.ohioriverway.org