The Falls of the Ohio Foundation Announces LightFall

The Falls of the Ohio announces LightFall

Former Louisvillian Annie Mitchell to create meditative light and sound experience

Louisville and Southern Indiana residents will see the Falls of the Ohio in a new light thanks to LightFall, an event showcasing a Sept. 5-8 art installation that will transform the iconic natural landmark.

The art installation, Aleuria, will be a meditative, immersive light and sound experience, created by Louisville-born artist, Annie Mitchell. The name Aleuria comes from a brightly colored edible fungus found in Indiana and reflects Mitchell’s focus on natural landscapes.

The Falls of the Ohio Foundation, teamed with River Heritage Conservancy, and SoIN Tourism, to develop the first annual LightFall event. It will be open to the public 9 p.m. to midnight September 6-8, with a special night for donors of the Falls of the Ohio Foundation and River Heritage Conservancy, who are partnering on the event.

LightFall was developed to engage people in our landscape in a completely new way,” said Kenton Wooden, executive director of Falls of the Ohio Foundation. “We wanted to bring a new energy to this place and remind people of the incredible outdoor spaces that we all share along the Ohio River. We are thankful for the support of the Bales Foundation, River Heritage Conservancy, SoIN Tourism and Louisville Public Media for their partnership on this unique event.”


Artist Annie Mitchell

Annie Mitchell is a light and sound artist who creates site-specific land sculptures that combine light and sound with the natural environment. She uses handcrafted fiber optics and rhythmic soundscapes and employs “brainwave entrainment,” a method that induces the brain’s frequency following response. Designed to be therapeutic, her work often results in meditative or even trance-like states.

Leveraging a 20-year career in design, Mitchell directed her training in technology and behavioral sciences to create immersive sound and light experiences that slows the tempo of the surrounding world. Her art helps people disconnect with the frenetic pace of the modern world. By slowing the tempo of both the natural world and the audience, she aims to create a meaningful connection between the two.

“Shaping how we encounter darkness, light, sound, and land, Annie creates wonder in unexpected places,” said Scott Martin, executive director of River Heritage Conservancy. “Her work elevates the power of natural landscapes on the human soul.”

Mitchell’s installations have been seen across in the globe in Alaska, Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands. Locally, her work The Forest Rises was installed in Kentucky at the Big Four Bridge in March of 2015.

The Falls of the Ohio Foundation and River Heritage Conservancy will host an invitation only event September 5 for organization supporters. Tickets for the general public will be available in August for September 6-8. To best experience it, LightFall will be a timed, ticketed event. Patrons will be encouraged to attend the event without a cell phone in hand. No flash photography will be allowed during the walk through.

For more information, visit LightFallEvent.com or call Kenton Wooden at 812.283.4999. For more information on Annie Mitchell and her work, visit AnnieM.me.


About the Falls of the Ohio Foundation

The mission of The Falls of the Ohio Foundation is to raise funds and support in order to preserve and interpret the scientific, historical, and cultural heritage of the Falls of the Ohio and to promote educational initiatives for a better understanding of this unique natural resource. For more information visit www.fallsoftheohio.org.


About River Heritage Conservancy

The globe’s greatest communities are defined by great public park systems.  The Conservancy was created by local business and philanthropic leaders to bring a great public park system to the North Shore of the Ohio River, the first element is ORIGIN Park.  For more information visit riverheritageconservancy.org.