An Earth Day Memory

Each year on this day, the world turns it’s attention to the beauty of our environment. It’s an annual reminder that nature is fragile, important, and that we play a critical role in its preservation.

My first memory of Earth Day dates back to elementary school. My extremely patient teacher rounded up our class of 20-something 5th graders and we began to walk from J. Graham Brown School to the corner of 4th and Magnolia. We couldn’t wait to explore Central Park. We ran. We played. We pretended to be actors on the stage for Shakespeare in the Park. But that’s not why we were there. It was a purposeful trip made on April 22 to get out and appreciate the outdoors and an opportunity to discuss the importance of Earth Day. On our way back to school we stopped in front of a local business and helped them plant a tree. I can’t tell you if that tree is still there and I can’t tell you exactly where it was planted. But I know we did it.

Today, I feel fortunate to walk up to the doors of the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center before stepping into my office. I get a chance to soak in the beauty and appreciate the treasure we have in the Falls – and it’s right here, in the middle of our region. That morning walk up the sidewalk, flanked by wildflowers, is a daily reminder of why the Falls of the Ohio Foundation’s vision to steward the natural, cultural and historic resources we have here, and in our surrounding parks and trails, is so important.

On this Earth Day, I hope you’ll take a moment to get outside and take deep breath. Stop by your local park, take a walk along the Greenway, or come visit us at the Falls. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Enjoy the day,

Kenton Wooden
Executive Director
Falls of the Ohio Foundation