Recycled Art Event- March 14, 2021

Our recycled art event is a great, sustainable way to help reuse the items collected from the Ohio River and ensure they do not become litter again. Keeping litter out of the river helps keep the water safer and cleaner for local wildlife. There are ways you can help the environment on your visits to parks! If you live near a park, try biking or walking instead of driving to it! You can also carpool with a neighbor or friend to avoid putting two cars on the roads. Reducing the amount you drive can help the environment greatly! Cars create a lot of pollution that contributes to climate change, so cutting back on driving will help cut back on pollution. On your visits, you can also bring your own trash bag and collect litter on your walk or hike. Collecting litter will help ensure it doesn’t affect the lives of the local wildlife. Many animals mistake litter for food and eat it, which can be life threatening. These small things are great ways to help reduce your ecological footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle!
Katie Green, Sustainability major at IUS