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Visitor Information

The Falls of the Ohio State Park is located at the end of West Riverside Drive, Clarksville, Indiana. Take Exit 0 on Interstate 65 and follow the signs.

Construction Notes:

Due to I-65 bridge construction, Court Avenue, Market Street and Riverside Drive will be closed for days or weeks at a time. In October, Riverside Drive is closed east of Kingfish Restaurant, but it doesn't affect access to the park.

Exit 0 northbound has been modified, but access is unchanged. I-65 traffic flow has been altered dramatically by lane changes, so please observe posted speed limits and drive safely!

Hours of Operation
The State Park is open seven days a week, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Interpretive Center is closed until fall, 2015 for renovation and new exhibit installation.

View of the Interpretive Center from the front of the building.

Interpretive Center Admission Fees

Daily Rate  
$5.00 Age 19 and older   
$2.00 Age 18 and younger  
Under 2 Free  

Student group rate (Pre-K through College only)
$2 per student – Group leader must pay in one lump sum.
(Consult Educator Information for details)

Adult Groups / Organizations - we can come to you!

Click here to see programs, cost and travel limits.


Adult Group Information - Rate is the same as general admission in the chart above.

Information for FFA Attendees

Visit Tips

Aerial shot of the Interpretive Center. Richard Fields photo.

Parking Fees
The pay-to-park station is located behind the Interpretive Center. Fees collected support park operations since we do not have a gate house.

Put $2 in the envelope and insert it into the collection slot in the rear of the parking lot.The $2 parking fee applies for all visits. It doesn't apply to the lot near the railroad bridge or at the GRC home site.

If you have Indiana’s State Park Pass, you do not need to pay. Pick up an “Annual Park Permit” from the receptionist or follow instructions for visiting the Interpretive Center above.

Property Brochure and Map                                     Map (B & W line drawing)

                                Links to PDFs showing our official property brochure or simple map.

Our Facilities 

A description of the Interpretive Center with map and photographs of exhibits and other building space. News about changes to  the Interpretive Center can be found on this page.


Gift Shop  

See what our give shop offers. Geological items are a speciality, but we have

t-shirts & hats, soaps, toys and other items. Inventory will be reduced before closure in late November. Sorry, we do not have on-line sales. Admission fees are waived to visit the gift shop.

Directions to Park  From Interstate 65 - Construction! Check here for details.

Note: Some GPS units will direct you to a subdivision in Charlestown, Indiana.

If your device doesn't place us along the river in Clarksville, enter the street

address: 201 West Riverside Drive, Clarksville, Indiana to get here!

2015 Park Passes

Used at any Indiana State Park, 2015 passes will be available at Charlestown State Park, but with limit access the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center while we are closed. They may be purchased on-line from the Indiana State Parks website link                                provided).


Information about picnicking at the park - grills, school group usage, shelters, etc.



Information about renting our library or River Observation Room for meetings. Use of the whole Interpretive Center is not available at this time. No rentals available until we reopen in Fall 2015.

George Rogers Clark Home Site and Boat Ramp 

A part of the Falls of the Ohio State Park once the location of George Rogers Clark's home. Our cabin is a representation by similar size and layout. A description of our boat ramp is also on this page. Cabin is closed until next May.

Gardens at the Falls of the Ohio

A variety of gardens are maintained around the Interpretive Center and

at the GRC Home Site. This page provides names and photographs of many of the plants, a great resource for the home gardener!

Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area  

Federally protected area that includes the Falls of the Ohio State Park

(This will direct you away from our web site.)

Why Can't I Collect Fossils at the Falls of the Ohio?

Collecting is prohibited by both federal and state law!

Visit our collecting piles or gift shop if you need a souvenir.

Trail Information
Woodland Loop - An easy walking path, partially flooded seasonally

Greenway & Levee Trail - Link to the Ohio River Greenway web site

(This will direct you away from our web site.)

River Level Chart

Matches Lower Gauge Reading to the Fossil Beds and Park Features

(The River Level link located in the blue column on the left side of every web page will direct you to an NOAA web site away from ours.)


An Award-Winning Location (and Staff)

The Falls of the Ohio State Park and Foundation have

been the recipient of many awards over the years.

Some of them are featured here.


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Updated March 24, 2015