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Gardens at the Falls of the Ohio

The Shuler-Bauer garden at the top of the steps to the fossil beds.  Creeping phlox in bloom along the ramp garden.

The Falls of the Ohio State Park is a great place to see perennials, shrubs and small trees. Whether you want to see native plants or get ideas for your own yard, come roam around the Interpretive Center! (Note $2 parking fee applies if not visiting the museum.)

Gardens were established and / or are maintained by these organizations / members:

Falls of the Ohio State Park (Around handicap ramp to fossil beds and around the "GRC" cabin)

Daylily Garden

The garden is mostly removed, but the link has great photos by named lily.

Asterisk daylily    Red Volunteer daylily

Daylilies are spectacular in June and July: Asterisk and Red Volunteer

Top of the Stairs Garden

(By steps to the fossil beds behind the Interpretive Center)

Shuler-Bauer Garden   Asteris in Shuler-Bauer Garden in Fall

Sunnyside Master Gardeners

(Front of the Interpretive Center, levee side)

Terrace Garden Club

(Small gardens in the rear parking lot)

Shuler-Bauer Garden

Annual Larkspar in May

Flowers of the Ramp Garden

Contains a list by common & Latin name as well as the bloom period for each plant.


Short Articles for Gardeners

This is a series of articles written by Alan Goldstein for The Courier Journal "Green Space" column. Some were published in the paper, others were not used and are posted here.

Invasive Plants in Indiana

(PDF brochure)

Rose of Sharon  Rose of Sharon - pink twins

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), a summer bloomer


Updated January 23, 2017