Family Paleontology Camp

July 10 -12, 2018

9:00 am to 4:00 pm (time for exploring the area afterwards)
Age:  12 to 16* Limited to 10 children accompanied by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian
Cost is $225 per child / adult pair

Designed for budding paleontologists age 12 – 16, this camp focuses on the how to become a paleontologist through activities and field work. Limited to 10 budding paleontologists. Call 812-283-4999 to reserve your space. This camp fills up every year!

Geological Time activity
Exploring Geological Time
Collecting Waldron shale fossils
Collecting Waldron Shale Fossils

2015 participants were from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

2016 participants were from Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas

Participants will experience the life of a paleontologist – everything from field collecting and cleaning fossils to studying and photographing fossils to writing in a field note book throughout the camp. During field collecting, participants will be able to keep what they find.

*Because of the depth of this camp, participants must meet these criteria:
1) Children are between 12 – 16 years old as of July 1.
2) Parent, grandparent or legal guardian will agree to actively participate with the child for the duration of the camp.
3) Child must have a interest in fossils for at least 2 years prior to this camp.
4) Prefer that child has a career goal in paleontology and/or has their own fossil collection.

Priority will be given to first-time participants. Limit to 10 child / adult pairs. As you might gather, this “career camp” is not geared for those without a serious interest in fossils!

Click here for a look at the three-day itinerary.

Children will be accepted only with actively engaged adults.

How to Register

Sponsored by The Falls of the Ohio Foundation, to register, e-mail dani@fallsoftheohio.org or call (812) 283-4999.