Charlestown State Park Summer Camp and School Programs

Cedar Grove Fossil Lab

Grade 2 and above

This hands on lab focuses on geology of the region, including fossil identification.  Students will explore an exposed fossil bed.  Lab lasts approximately 1 hour. Students should be prepared get on their hands and knees. Good shoes and bug spray recommended.

History Through Plants

Grade 3 and above

This 1.4 mile guided hike takes you through time as we study the plant life along the trail and their connections to the people who were here before us. Students will learn how to identify a few important trees and wildflowers and their uses.  Hike lasts approximately 1 hour. Good shoes and bug spray recommended.

Alien Invaders!

Invasive species workshop

Grade 3 and above

This hand on lab teaches students the dangers of invasive species and what we can do to control them.  A hand on activity includes plant removal!  Workshop lasts a minimum of 1 hour.  Also a great “service project”. Students should have good shoes, work gloves and bug spray for this activity.

Build a Crinoid

Craft activity

Grade 2 and above

This 30 minute activity teaches students about the fossil crinoid as the build a replica model of one to take home.

Admission and Program Cost

$2.00 per student admission when entering park on a bus

$2.00 fee per program per student

Making a reservation

Reservations must be made a minimum of 2 weeks before trip date.

Unless noted, naturalist-led programs cap at 30 students per time slot.

Groups with more than 30 students must be divided (equally / grade level)

Students must be divided into groups with a maximum of 30 per group.

Call 812-280-9970 or email park@fallsoftheohio.org to schedule

Program Options

1. We can provide multiple programs in a rotation (i.e., fossil lab and plant hike)

2. A small playground is near the program site, part of your group may spend time there while the other group is in the activity.

3. A scavenger hunt sheet is available for the group not in the program to use in the playground area.

4.  Groups may hike Trail 2 on own if the History Through Plants program is not taking place.

5. A large field near Trail 2 can be used for sports activities (ball, Frisbee-throwing, etc.)

Restrooms and Picnicking

Pit toilets are located in the Cedar Grove Picnic Area and near the playground and shelter houses near Trail 2.

The Oak Shelter (above) can accommodate 48 students for lunch.
The Clark Shelter capacity is 120.