Connecting the environment of the ancient past with the natural and cultural history of yesterday and today.


The Interpretive Center

Front of the Interpretive Center

Front of Interpretive Center

Parking is behind the building.

Highlights of the Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center!

Hands-on exhibits filll the Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center exhibit gallery. After a $6-million renovation, we re-opened in early 2016. Our 16,000 sq. ft. facility has been improved from from one end to the other.


The exhibits feature four themes that connect the center and the park’s fossil beds to history and nature. They are: An Ancient Sea, A Changing Land, Converging Cultures and The Falls Today. Visitors enter a time tunnel showing the placement of continents throughout earth’s history and walk through a Devonian sea with a huge projection like you are scuba diving. Media can help you learn more about fossils and how the glaciers help create the Falls of the Ohio. The careers of an archaeologist and paleontologist are compared. Explore evidence of prehistoric people through dozens of artifacts. Listen to a rare conversation in the Shawnee language inside a bark-thatched wegiwa. Watch the story of Lewis and Clark’s journey unfold from the Falls of the Ohio to the Pacific Ocean, and discover the wildlife, river and the importance of environmental stewardship.


 The galleries feature specific exhibits and activities for young children, such as fossil rubbings and putting together a mammoth puzzle. A graphic of a great blue heron in the exhibits direct visitors to those hands-on activities. The old exhibits were largely text and objects behind glass, whereas the new exhibits offer an immersive learning experience with state-of-the-art audio, video and interactive elements. iPods are available to aid  those with hearing or visual disabilities at the admissions desk.

Visitors may borrow a wheelchair for use in the Center.

This museum features hands-on, immersive exhibits. Our original 14- minute movie about the long and exciting history at the Falls of the Ohio is shown in the auditorium.

Gift shop operates from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Saturday, 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM on Sunday.


School group under the new lobby exhibit

School under the new lobby exhibits


Lobby exhibit focuses on the content of the Interpretive Center. It shows a taste of geologic history and ancient life, the natural environment, wildlife and the more recent history at the falls. The giant mural shows an aerial view of the falls area before Europeans entered the area.

New lobby exhibits October 2011

Our new lobby exhibits

Exhibit gallery


An Ancient Sea

What's it about? Devonian sea life and fossils

Hands-on activities, touchable models, a media-based "Undersea Investigation station" and more!

An Ancient Sea explores the Devonian Sea at the Falls


A Changing Land

What's it about? How the Ohio River and Falls were created, the Ice Age connection, differences between a paleontologist and an archaeologist, interpreting early people with artifacts and models

A Changing Land - from the Ice Age to Early Peoples


Converging Cultures

What's it about? The arrival of Europeans, conflicts with Native Peoples, George Rogers Clark and his campaign in the Northwest Territory, and the three-screen Lewis and Clark Theater focusing on the connection of the expedition with the Falls of the Ohio and its people.

Interior of George rogers Clarks Cabin


The Falls Today

What's it about? Life at ecosystems and types of animals found at the Falls of the Ohio.

The giant "virtual aquarium" explores life in the Ohio River.

A large "trash sculpture" highlights the impact of humanity on the Ohio River.

Part of the Falls Today exhibit featuring flora and fauna at the Falls


Wildlife Observation Room

Sit and listen to birds at our feeders. Typically, one may observe any of these visitors: sparrows, mourning doves, house finches, goldfinches, chickadees, tufted titmouse, cardinals, blue jays, downy woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds and others.

The outdoor part of the Wildlife Observation Room was renovated in 2014.

Tufted Titmouse on Feeder                              Baby Groundhog by pond

Tufted titmouse on feeder        Baby groundhog by pond


River Observation Room

This is a room to sit or stand and contemplate the power of the Ohio River when the gates of the McAlpine Dam are open (typically December through July). Watch a variety of birds in the air or in the water.

The River Observation Room will be converted to an exploration room for kids of all ages



Available for educators, students and scientists / historians with advance arrangement. It is used as a classroom for educational groups throughout the year and may be rented for $50 per half day when not being used for educational programs.


Resource library / classroom is used for indoor fossil labs.   Students learn about ancient life and how to recognize fossils.

The Old Lobby

Diorama in the lobby of the Interpretive Center is dominated by a cast of a mammoth skeleton. 

Original Lobby Exhibit (No more...)

Mammoth's shadow on the lobby mural only occurs on January mornings.

Mammoth Shadow on the Lobby Mural

(Occurred on January mornings)

Updated April 1, 2017