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Woodland Culture Points & Tools ID Album

Artifacts on this page are in the Charles F. Cox Collection, collected in the mid 1900s in fields along the Ohio River in Clark Co., Indiana. All were classified by the late Ruth Strother.

Photos for this web page were taken by Naturalist at Heart volunteer Danny Calton.

Scale = 2 cm in all photos

The top two rows contain Late Archaic - Early Woodland transition tools:


     Adena Beavertail        Adena Beavertail Scraper         Cresap Stemmed       Cypress Straight Stemmed

      800 - 300 B.C.E.             800 - 200 B.C.E.                         1000 - 500 B.C.E.             Dickson Cluster Adena         

                                                                                                1000 - 300 B.C.E.            


       Fulton Kimmel                      Motley                 Susquehanna Fishtail                           Wade

         Turkey Tail                     800 - 600 B.C.E.               1700 - 700 B.C.E.                       1000 - 500 B.C.E. 

     1500 - 500 B.C.E.                                                     (Rare in Indiana)


   Adena Cache Blade        Adena Stemmed                Adena Dickson         Between Adena Contracted

    Leaf shape preform             800 - 200 B.C.E.            Contracted Stemmed       Stemmed Schild Spike

       500 - 100 B.C.E.                                                         500 - 100 B.C.E.                Late Adena worked


       Bradley Spike           Chesser Notched                Coosa Notched        Copena Triangular

                                       Lowe Cluster 300 C.E.      Southeastern Provenance        150 - 500 C.E. 


           Copena Scraper       Jack's Reef Corner Notched       Jack's Reef Corner Notched  

               300 - 400 C.E.                            500 C.E.               From a reworked Paleo Cumberland Point

                                 Note the flute in the center                                  

800 - 1200 C.E                                          


  Jack's Reef Corner Notched              Jack's Reef Scraper                      Kramer

               Pentagonal                                       500 C.E                          Before 500 B.C.E.

                  500 C.E 

Represents one of the first true arrowheads

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