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Make your own

Falls of the Ohio Discovery Pack


Kids! Are you going to be visiting the Falls of the Ohio with your family?


Stuff a back pack with these items to better explore the park’s fossil beds:


__ Spray water bottle (to see the fossils better)

__ Scrub brush (to clean the clay off the lower fossil beds so you can see everything better)

__ Magnifying glass (to examine the fossils more closely)

__ Drinking water – it can get really hot on the fossil beds in the summer!

__ Fossil identification sheets: Discovery Fossils  or Fossil ID Pages

      (You can bring fossil books / guides, but these are easier to use on the fossil beds and you can   

       print these out at home.)

__ Camera (remember, not all cameras can focus really close-up)

__ Ruler or a coin for scale (so you can tell whether it is a big or small fossil)

__ Playdough™ if you want to make casts and molds of small fossils that you can take home.

__ Binoculars (if you want to look at the amazing birds on the outer fossil beds)

__ Notebook and pencil (if you want to record your observations, make rubbings or sketches)

__ Sun screen and sun glasses (there are no trees on the lower fossil beds)

Other tidbits of useful information

__ Leave your collecting gear in the car! (You can only use it at the state park in the fossil & mineral piles by the parking lot.)

__ Wear shoes that enclose your toes! (Sandals or any open-foot shoe is not safe on the fossil beds. You can get rocks between your toes or they can break if you trip.)

Mother and daughter climb down to the lower fossil beds.


Created September 7, 2010