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This page will feature fossils from all geological time periods. Each image will have

some background about the specimen, its age, where it was found, and a nugget

of interesting information. Not every specimen will be perfectly preserved -

but all are a marvel of the natural world!


Amphibian tracks - Megabaropus hainesi - from the Pennsylvanian of Ohio

Fossil Type:

Trackway (Trace fossil)


Megabaropus hainesi (Carman)






Morgan Co., Ohio


Tracks of a coal-age amphibian. The animal walked across a mudflat and were later filled in with sand. When the specimen was exposed, the shale disintegrated but the sand cast was preserved (about 3-feet long). Cincinnati Museum of Natural History specimen.

Date Posted:

October 23, 2014


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Created April 12, 2012