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This page will feature fossils from all geological time periods. Each image will have

some background about the specimen, its age, where it was found, and a nugget

of interesting information. Not every specimen will be perfectly preserved -

but all are a marvel of the natural world!


Fossil bat from Messel, Germany

Fossil Type:





Messel Lake


Eocene Epoch


Messel, Germany


Messel is a lake deposit with paper-thin shale containing unusually well-preserved fossils, probably within a volcanic caldera laced with poisonous vapors. This ancient bat shows features typical of modern species. It had the ability to echo-locate – probably feeding on caddisflies and moths living in and around the German jungles. Fossil is 6 cm wide. From our 2004 "More than Dinosaurs" exhibit featuring the collection of Dr. Jack Hankla.

Date Posted:

September 12, 2014

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