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This page will feature fossils from all geological time periods. Each image will have

some background about the specimen, its age, where it was found, and a nugget

of interesting information. Not every specimen will be perfectly preserved -

but all are a marvel of the natural world!


Ceraurus pleurexanthemus - a spiny Ordovician trilobite

Fossil Type:



Ceraurus pleurexanthemus Green




Trenton Group, Middle Ordovician


Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


A species that illustrates the diverse spines found on many trilobites, it has genial spines off the cephalon, pleural spines off the thorax and a pair of pygidial spines of the back end. Spines could be used for defense or to allow the animal to swim be providing hydrodynamic lift. Anonymous collection. Scale 2 cm

Date Posted:

August 20, 2014


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